Shipping & Returns


this is a one-person show, but i always try my hardest to get all orders packaged and mailed out within 3-4 days. if you want your goodies asap, drop me an email or go via the contact page with your order number - i'll do everything in my power to get it to you as soon as possible!

obviously the rona means things might take a long time to get to you.. feel free to get in touch if you're concerned about an order and thanks for being patient with me!

packaging and worldwide shipping in included in the cost, so no extra surprises at the checkout!

i want this to be as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible, so you might find that the packaging, or protecting layers for prints, has been recycled. it's not that i don't care about your experience, its just that i care about everyone not dying a horrible fiery death from climate change a bit more.

Return & Exchange Policy

unless i've done something dumb or silly (like sending you out the wrong product or the wrong size, or if goods have been damaged in transit), all sales are final.

it isn't feasible for me to be able to accept returns at the moment, since many of my customer's live thousands of miles away. so please ensure you get the size you want and that you input the correct shipping address. i won't be able to refund the order if it's already been mailed out with the incorrect address on.

if i've made a booboo, please get in touch via email or the contact page and i'll make it right as soon as i can. 

if a courier has made a booboo, then please take photos for evidence and send them over to me. i'll make it right with you, and i'll contact the courier for compensation.